Best canva font pairings

Picture yourself as an artist, with your website as a blank canvas and the right fonts used as your brushes. As a seasoned web design connoisseur, I can’t stress enough how the right font pairings can act as game-changers, transforming your website from just nice to positively enchanting. Fonts aren’t just about readability – they’re an emotional language, whispering the mood of your content and guiding your visitors on a journey through your site.

I’m downright ecstatic to take you on a tour of the best Canva font pairings – your ultimate map to stunning web design projects.

So buckle up!

We’re about to navigate through 35 of the most effective Canva font pairings, each with their own story to tell.

By the end of this journey, you’ll be a master at matching fonts to create an engaging, balanced and harmonious visual language for your websites.

Get ready to make your web design projects pop with personality and style!


The Magic of Font Pairing

Any design process must include the practice of using favorite font combinations and pairing, or the art of mixing two or more types. The idea is to choose a variety of available fonts, that work well together without competing or looking too similar.

Similar to a wonderful gourmet preparation, where each ingredient improves the flavor of the other without dominating it, font combinations have a specific “chemistry” to them.

Your design’s overall look can be significantly impacted by the font combinations you choose fonts use. When executed well, they add to a visually pleasing, unified look and feel that draws the user in and holds their interest.

Depending on the requirements of your project, the right font combination might offer your design a contemporary touch, a traditional appearance, or even a joyful and whimsical vibe.

Choosing the Best Canva Font Pairings

Picture Canva as a sprawling typographical wonderland, brimming with an array of free and premium fonts. This is the playground for designers, a place where they can let their creativity roam free.

Yearning for a bold font that screams for attention? Or perhaps a crisp, modern sans serif for that pristine body text? Or maybe you’re in the mood for a playful script font to add a dash of whimsy? Whatever your heart desires, the Canva font has got you covered.

However, a word of caution. In the vast sea of typography, not all fonts sail smoothly together. Some combinations script fonts can sing harmoniously while others might hit a dissonant note.

So remember, the true magic lies not just in the individual fonts, but in how they dance together on your canvas.

Best canva font pairings

So, here are 35 of my favorite Canva font pairings, each bringing a unique aesthetic appeal to your design.

1. Playfair Display & Source Sans

Playfair Display is a classic serif font with a touch of sophistication, while Source Sans is a sans serif typeface that adds a modern aesthetic to the mix. This font pairing is a great choice for editorial designs or corporate branding where you need to balance tradition with modernity.

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2. Mont Bold & Open Sans Light

Mont Bold is a strong, commanding font perfect for headlines. Pair it with the more subdued Open Sans Light for body text to create a design with a bold, modern aesthetic. This combination is particularly useful for startups or tech-related websites.

3. League Gothic & Lora Font

League Gothic is a bold sans serif font with a tall, condensed, bold lettering form that captures attention. It pairs well with Lora, a classic serif font, making it perfect for fashion blogs or e-commerce sites looking for a stylish and visually appealing design.

4. Tenor Sans & feel free Playful Font

Tenor Sans is a modern sans serif body font with a clean, readable style. Pairing it with a more fonts and Gordita like Yellowtail can bring balance and fun to your design. Ideal for lifestyle or travel blogs, or any design that needs a touch of light-heartedness.

5: Brilliant Signature & Open Sans

Brilliant Signature is an elegant, cursive font that brings a personal touch to your designs. Pair it with the simplicity of Open Sans for a balance between elegance and functionality. Perfect for wedding or event invitations or any design with an elegant feel.

6: Playlist Script & Montserrat

Playlist Script is a fun, expressive, font combination that can give your designs a casual, friendly feel. Paired with the clean and versatile Montserrat, this font combination really adds personality to your design while maintaining readability. This font pairing inspiration is great for social media posts, infographics, or any design that aims to engage viewers in a friendly manner.

7: Raleway & Roboto

best canva font pairing

Raleway, with its elegant and thin letterforms, pairs beautifully with the modern, geometric style of Roboto. This combination creates a clean, modern, and attractive design, ideal for tech startups or digital agencies.

8: Pacifico & Josefin Sans

best canva font pairing

Pacifico is a playful, cursive font with a friendly vibe. When paired with the clean, geometric typefaces of Josefin Sans, it creates a striking balance that is easy on the eyes. This font duo is perfect for food blogs, children’s websites, or any design that requires minimalist fonts with a fun, inviting appeal.

9: Amatic SC & Josefin Slab

best canva font pairing

Amatic SC is a hand-drawn, condensed font that works well for attention-grabbing headlines. When secondary font is paired with the sleek, modern aesthetic of Josefin Slab, it creates an engaging and visually dynamic design. This font pairing also is great for creative agencies or art blogs.

10: Oswald & Merriweather

best canva font pairing

Oswald is a versatile sans serif font that works well for headers, while Merriweather, a serif font, offers great readability for body text. This pairing minimalist and serif fonts provides a modern twist to a classic style heading font, making it suitable for corporate websites or online publications.

11: Bungee & Roboto Condensed

best canva font pairing

Bungee is a bold, fun font perfect for headlines. Pair it with the condensed version of Roboto for a visually interesting contrast, making it ideal for designs with a youthful, energetic vibe, such as event posters or music festival websites.

12: Anton & Libre Baskerville

best canva font pairing

Anton is a bold, sans-serif typeface that works well for headings. Libre Baskerville is a classic serif font perfect for body text, resulting in a balance of modern and bold versions of traditional, sans serif fonts together, suitable for blog posts or online magazines.

13: Abril Fatface & Lato

Best Canva font pairing

Abril Fatface is a bold, decorative font that captures attention. When paired with Lato, a modern sans serif font, it creates a charming vintage-modern design, ideal for fashion or lifestyle blogs.

14: Arvo & PT Sans

best canva font pairing

Arvo is a slab-serif font that gives a strong, solid impression, while PT Sans is a universal sans-serif font that is highly legible. This combination combining fonts can give your design a grounded, trustworthy feel, suitable for corporate websites or brochures.

15: Lobster & Open Sans

best canva font pairing

Lobster is a popular script font that gives a friendly, casual vibe. Paired with Open Sans, it creates a warm, welcoming design, great for hospitality or service industry websites.

16: Bebas Neue & Montserrat

best canva font pairing

Bebas Neue is a strong, condensed font ideal for headlines. Coupled with the versatile Montserrat, it results in a clean, modern aesthetic, perfect for technology or design blogs.

17: Yellowtail & Open Sans

Best canva font pairing

Yellowtail is an old-style font with a fun, unique flair. When paired with Open Sans, it results in a playful yet balanced design, suitable for creative portfolios or artisan websites.

18: Amatic SC & Lobster Two

best canva font pairing

Amatic SC’s hand-drawn style goes perfectly with Lobster Two’s casual script, creating a unique, friendly vibe. Ideal for personal blogs or websites that need a touch of individuality.

19: Oswald & Lato

best canva font pairing

Oswald’s tall and narrow style paired with Lato’s semi-rounded details offers a modern, clean font engaging design, excellent for digital marketing or advertising agencies.

20: Permanent Marker & Roboto

best canva font pairing

The bold, expressive style of Permanent Marker, when combined with the neutral and clean lines of Roboto, can create an interesting and visually dynamic design, perfect for creative projects or events.

21: Cinzel & Raleway

best canva font pairing

Cinzel’s classic letterforms coupled with Raleway’s elegant sans serif style result in a sophisticated, high-end design. This combination is excellent for luxury brand websites or upscale event invitations.

22: Poiret & Raleway

best canva font pairing

Poiret’s light, geometric form combined with Raleway’s balanced sans-serif structure creates a chic, modern aesthetic. This pairing is ideal for fashion blogs or online boutiques.

23: Rock well & Muli

Rock well’s uneven, playful style paired with Muli’s minimalist, modern sans-serif form results in a design full of character and readability, perfect for children’s websites or entertainment blogs.

24: Pacifico & Arimo

Best canva font pairing

Pacifico’s friendly script and Arimo’s modern, sans-serif style form a combination that’s warm yet professional, making it suitable for branding projects or food blogs.

25: Cabin & Old Standard

best cnva font pairing

The cabin’s clean, modern style paired with the classic, old-style, sans serif fonts of font Old Standard TT creates a design that’s both contemporary and traditional, ideal for academic or historical publications.

26: Quicksand & Josefin Slab

best canva font pairing

Quicksand’s rounded, geometric shapes paired with the elegant, modern aesthetic of Josefin Slab results in a friendly yet refined design, perfect for creative agencies or online portfolios.

27: Dancing Script & Josefin Sans

best canva font pairing

The casual, playful and modern feel of Dancing Script pairs wonderfully with the geometric and modern Josefin Sans, resulting in a versatile design, excellent for social media graphics or personal blogs.

28: Gladiola & Merriweather

best canva font pairing

Gladiola’s rounded, handwritten font style paired with the traditional, readable Merriweather creates a balance of casual and formal, making it a good fit for educational websites or online learning platforms.

29: Ambiguity Round & Alegreya Sans

best canva font pairing

Ambiguity Round’s distinctive, old-style font combined with the geometric, contemporary Alegreya Sans results in a visually appealing contrast, suitable for book covers or literary blogs.

30: Great vibes & Open Sans

best canva font pairing

The decorative, artistic form of Great vibes paired with the clean, neutral Open Sans offers a design that’s both fun and functional, excellent for artistic websites or cultural events.

31: Cinzel & Arial

best canva font pairing

Cinzel’s playful, handwritten style coupled with the straightforward, sans-serif Arial creates a design that’s both fun and easy to read, making it perfect for children’s websites or educational materials.

32: Shadows Into Light Twc & Roboto

best canvba font pairing

Shadows Into Light’s light, handwritten style paired with the modern, geometric Roboto offers a friendly yet professional design, suitable for personal blogs or community-focused websites.

33: Comfortaa & Lato

best canva font pairing

Comfortaa’s rounded, geometric style goes well with the semi-rounded details of Lato, creating a warm, welcoming design, perfect for service industry websites or wellness blogs.

34: Poppins & Lato

best canva font pairing

The geometric, modern form of Poppins paired with the traditional, old-style Lato creates a harmonious balance, making this combination ideal for professional publications or corporate websites.

35. Fredoka and Muli

best canva font pairing

The combination of Fredoka and Muli is a visual delight. Fredoka is a round, bold typeface that exudes a sense of fun and friendliness, making it a great choice for titles, headlines brand graphics, or any design elements that need to capture attention.

Its playful nature contrasts beautifully with Muli, a minimalist sans-serif font known for its sleek design and excellent readability. Muli is an ideal choice for body text, offering a gentle reading experience and maintaining clarity at smaller sizes.

Together, these fonts provide a balance of whimsical energy and minimalist elegance, making them perfect for designs with a modern, cheerful vibe, such as children’s books, fun websites, or lively advertising materials.

With these 35 Canva font pairings in your toolkit, you’re ready to experiment with different canva font and combinations and elevate your designs to new heights.

Remember, the key to successful font pairing is to create contrast and harmony at the same time, so play around with different styles and find what works best for your specific project. Happy designing!

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In this section, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about font pairing in Canva.

What is a good font pairing in Canva?

A good font pairing in Canva is one created specifically combining two fonts, that maintains a balance between contrast and harmony. It should visually complement each other and align with the visual interest, message or tone you want to convey.

Can I use more than two fonts in my design?

Yes, but it’s generally best to limit headline font in your design to the same font or two as display font or three fonts to avoid confusing the reader.

Are all Canva fonts free?

Canva offers both free and pro fonts. The free version and pro fonts are available as part of Canva Pro’s subscription.

How can I choose the perfect font for my design?

Your font choice should align with your brand identity and the message you want to convey. Consider the readability, style, and mood the font brings to your design.

Can I upload my fonts to Canva?

Yes, Canva Pro users can upload their custom fonts to use in their designs.

How do I pair fonts in Canva?

Try to pair fonts and body copy font with contrasting styles but harmonious mood. For instance, a sans serif font for headings and a serif font for body copy text can work well.

How many font styles does Canva offer?

Canva offers hundreds of font styles, including serif, sans serif, script, and display font, and decorative fonts.

Can I use a bold font and a script font together?

Yes, a bold font can be paired with a similar weight a script font for a strong and elegant combination. The bold font can be used for headings, while the script font can add a decorative touch to body copy.

What are some of the most popular Canva fonts?

Some other fonts and popular fonts for Canva fonts include Mont Bold, Lora, Tenor Sans, League Gothic, and Playfair Display font.

Can I use Canva font pairings for my social media posts?

Absolutely. Canva font pairings best fonts can help your social media posts stand out and appeal to your audience.


As a web designer, understanding the power of font pairings can greatly elevate your designs and set you apart from the competition.

With this comprehensive guide on the best Canva font combination pairings, I believe you’re now equipped with the knowledge to experiment, explore, and create stunning designs using the right of canva font pairing combination and combinations choosing fonts.

So go ahead, start creating, and make every design count!

Best Canva Font Pairings for Web Design