How to Add an Under Construction Page! Transform Your Squarespace Site

To add an under construction home page, to lock screen home page on your Squarespace site, simply enable the site-wide password protection feature in the “Settings” tab. This will automatically allow you to design a customized under construction home or lock screen page, for your visitors to see.

 Creating an under construction page for your Squarespace site is a quick and easy process. By enabling the site-wide password protection feature through the “Settings” tab, you can design a personalized under construction page. This allows you to keep your site private while still providing a professional and engaging experience for your visitors.

We will guide you through the steps to automatically create links and add an under construction page link to your Squarespace site pages.

So let’s get started!


Enable The Under Construction Mode

Enabling an under construction mode is an essential step when building or making updates to your Squarespace site. This mode allows you to exclude visitors from viewing your site while you work behind the scenes.

Access the Squarespace Backend/Admin Panel

To enable the under construction mode on your Squarespace site, you will first need to access the backend or admin panel of your website. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log in to your Squarespace account using your login credentials.

  2. On the Squarespace homepage, click on the “Website Manager” or “My Sites” option to access your site’s backend.

  3. Once you are in the backend, you will have access to all the settings and configuration options for your site.

Navigate to the Settings or Configuration Options

After accessing the backend of your Squarespace site, the next step is to navigate to the settings or configuration options. These options will allow you to control various aspects of your website, including enabling the under construction mode.

Here’s how you can find the settings or configuration options:

  1. In the backend of your site, look for the “Website” tab. This tab may be located at the top or side menu, depending on your Squarespace template.

  2. Click on the “System Pages” tab to open the Lock Screen panel.

  3. Within the Lock Screen panel, you will find different Options For Customizing your Maintenance Page.

Customize Your Under Construction Page

When it comes to creating an, coming soon page, or under construction, new cover page for not linked section coming soon page of your Squarespace site, customization is key. This new cover page is your opportunity to make a statement about your brand and keep your visitors engaged.


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In this section, we will explore how you can customize your under construction landing page, to reflect your branding, provide a link to a first video and brief message about the purpose of demo content on the landing page itself, and include links to essential contact information and social media social links throughout.

Add your branding elements, such as logo and colors

Adding your branding elements to your homepage of the landing page of your coming soon or under construction landing page also helps maintain brand consistency and establishes a sense of familiarity with your audience. Start by uploading your logo to the landing page first. Make sure it is displayed prominently, preferably at the top of the landing page, to instantly grab your visitors’ attention. You can do this by navigating to the “Design” section of your Squarespace site and selecting “Logo & Title.”

Add your branding elements, such as logo and colors

Next, choose colors that align with your brand identity. Use your brand’s primary colors for the background, cover image, text, links and buttons on pages and the under construction page. This will create a cohesive look and feel of pages layout that resonates with your visitors. To customize the pages layout and colors, go to the “Design” section and select “Colors & Fonts.”

Create a brief message explaining the purpose of the under construction page

A well-crafted message can provide clarity to your visitors and demonstrate that progress is being made. Write a brief message explaining why a particular method of your site is currently under construction and the benefits your visitors can look forward to on cover page once it’s launched.

Keep it concise but impactful, using bold font to emphasize key points. Use the “Text” block in Squarespace to add your message and customize the font styles to align with background image of your brand.

Make it Live

Click on “Settings” in the left sidebar of your Squarespace dashboard.



In the Settings menu, find and select “Site Visibility.”

  1. Under the “Site Visibility” section, you’ll see different options for controlling the visibility of your website. Choose “Password Protected.”

  2. Set a password for your website. Visitors will need to enter this password to access your site.

  3. Once you’ve set the password, don’t forget to click the “Save” button located in the top left-hand corner of the Settings menu to apply the changes.

By setting your site to “Password Protected,” you can control who has access to your website while it’s under construction. Only those who have the password will be able to view the site, while others will see a password prompt. This particular method allows you to work on your website privately until it’s ready to go live.

Craft A Compelling Message

How to Craft a Compelling Message

When adding an under construction page to your Squarespace site, it’s important to craft a compelling message. This message will inform visitors about what’s coming soon and generate excitement for your upcoming updates. A well-crafted message can enhance the user experience and keep visitors engaged during the construction phase. Here are some tips to help you craft an effective message:

Inform Visitors About What’s Coming Soon

Being transparent with your visitors about what they can expect in the near future is essential. Let them know that your whole site is is currently very much coming soon or under construction and provide a clear indication of what’s coming soon. This could include information about new features, products, services, or any other relevant updates.

By giving visitors a glimpse into what’s to come, you can pique their curiosity and make them eager to return once your whole site is is ready.

Tease and Generate Excitement for Upcoming Updates

Creating anticipation and excitement is key to keeping your visitors engaged. Use your under construction or coming soon page as an opportunity to tease and generate curiosity about the upcoming updates. Highlight the benefits or improvements that your visitors can expect once the next coming soon page or under construction part is complete. Boldly emphasize what makes your site unique and worth waiting for, showcasing any exclusive content, offers, or features that will be available in the future. By doing so, you can build anticipation and ensure that visitors are excited to explore your website once it’s fully launched.

Make Use Of High-Quality Visuals

When it comes to creating an engaging under construction page for your Squarespace site, one of the key elements is the use of high-quality visuals. Captivating images or graphics related to the upcoming changes can help pique the interest of your visitors and give them a taste of what’s to come. Additionally, displaying sneak peeks or previews of the new website design can create anticipation and excitement. To ensure that your visuals stand out and grab attention, it’s important to adhere to HTML syntax when implementing them.

Select captivating images or graphics related to the upcoming changes

When selecting images, display social icons for, or graphics for your coming soon or under construction home page, make sure they are relevant to the upcoming changes you’re making to your Squarespace site. These visuals social icons should represent the essence of your brand and give visitors a glimpse of what they can expect from the updated website. Whether it’s a stunning photograph, an eye-catching illustration, or a creative composition, choose visuals display social icons that are visually appealing and aligned with your brand’s identity.

Display sneak peeks or previews of the new website design

One way to build excitement and curiosity among your visitors is by providing them with sneak peeks or previews of the new website design. Showcase some of the fresh elements and features that will be implemented, demonstrating the improvements and enhancements you’re working on. This can be done through screenshots, mockups, or even simple design elements like a new logo or color scheme. By giving visitors a taste of what’s coming soon, you can generate anticipation and keep them interested in the progress you’re making.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Add A Under Construction Page To Squarespace Site

Can I Add A Coming Soon Page On Squarespace?

Yes, you can add a coming soon page on Squarespace.

How Do I Add A Page Under A Tab In Squarespace?

To add a page in squarespace, click save as under a tab in Squarespace, go to the Pages panel, select the tab you want to add click save the new page to, click the “+” button click save as, and choose the type of page you want to create click save as.

How Can I Add An Under Construction Page To My Squarespace Site?

To add details about an Under Construction page to your Squarespace site pages, you can use the Site Launch announcement feature. Simply go to the Design section of your Squarespace website layout editor, and under Announcement Bar, choose the option to create details for a new page launch announcement.

Customize the announcement with your desired text, layout background, cover image and design, and you’ll automatically have an Under Construction page created and set up coming soon page.


Adding an under construction, cover page, pages and page method to your Squarespace site is a great idea and a simple and effective way to keep your visitors informed and engaged during the development process your new cover page. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can create a professional and aesthetically pleasing under construction, a cover page, pages and page method, that aligns with your brand identity.

Remember to customize your sign up link or sign up message and provide a link or a clear call to action to encourage visitors to sign up to stay connected. Don’t forget to utilize SEO best practices when optimizing pages or your already created or under construction sign up page for search engines, such as including relevant keywords and meta tags.

And finally, post it, regularly post an update and post links from your posts to your visitors’ social links with progress updates and posts about anticipated launch dates to keep them excited and informed. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure a smooth website development process and maintain a positive user experience for your visitors.

How to Add an Under Construction Page